Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Still from the film - my stunning 'swan' Ruby
A year ago, when I was searching a perfect location for one of my visuals for "I Died Loved" series, a friend told me about the Hampstead Heath Park. So I went there scout locating - taking photos of the glittering water of the ponds and fell in love with imagery of the landscape completely. There was something about that place. Next day I came there again and I made my shoot but somehow I felt I will make a short movie there at one point as well.

A moment of this came more than one year later, actually last week. Do I need to mention, it was cold as ICE at the time of our shoot? I guess a bit of insanity to create this dream-come-true film was there and I made sure it keep as all warm : )
Stay tuned for the film VEEERY soon !

2nd pic : behind the scenes with my 'swan' Ruby Slate Balthazar in Sang Yoon star dress and the amazing camera boys Pablo Rivera & Santiago Arbelaez, creative director Marta Lamovsek

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