Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hard JOB

His name is Mohamed and he's with Nevs Models Agency. There's something special about him. Obviously, he's handsome, but his personality is very warm 2, plus he likes to smile A LOT...

But there was something REALLY exciting about him.

He's been working a lot with a few BIG NAME PHOTOGRAPHERS, among them most famous are David Lachapelle and Steven Klein.

Now, THAT IS A CHALLENGE FOR ME. To get my ass there among other big names, haaaaa : ) When we did the shoot, his agent not just confirmed that the photographs are great for his portfolio, she was like "I want to put ALL of your photos in his portfolio, I absolutely adore them!"

To make long story short, it's nice to see my photos there next to David Lachapelle ones ... see it HERE : )

You can see all of the set from the shoot among fashion stories on my Photography Facebook Page.

Photography by Marta Lamovsek
Designs by Jessica Au
Assistant Mat Jaz